C32000 lead brass

Product Name: c32000 lead brass
Product specification: bar, plate, strip, pipe, wire, forging, etc

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C32000 lead brass
Alloy Code: c32000
Name: leaded brass
Executive standard: ASTM b140m-1997
Chemical composition:
Copper (Cu): 83.5 ~ 86.5
Lead (PB): 1.5 ~ 2.2
Iron Fe: ≤ 0.10
Zinc Zn: surplus
Nickel (Ni): 0.25
Product supply form: copper rod, copper plate, copper pipe, copper flange, copper strip, copper wire, forging, etc.
In view of c32000 lead brass, the chemical composition of c32000 lead brass, the standard of c32000 lead brass, the performance and application fields of c32000 lead brass, and the pictures of c32000 lead brass are introduced in detail. At the same time, c32000 lead brass plate, c32000 lead brass rod, c32000 lead brass tube, copper belt, copper forging, copper flange, etc. are also supplied,

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