C66700 manganese brass

Product Name: c66700 manganese brass
Product specification: bar, plate, strip, pipe, wire, forging, etc

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C66700 manganese brass
Brand: c66700
Name: manganese brass
Executive standard: ASTM b291-1990
Chemical composition:
Copper (Cu): 68.5 ~ 71.5
Lead (PB): 0.07
Iron (FE): 0.10
Tin SN: —
Zinc Zn: surplus
Manganese (MN): 0.8 ~ 1.5
Phosphorus (P): 0.02 ~ 0.10
Arsenic as: —
Antimony sb: —
Other elements: Cu + alloy element ≥ 99.5
Performance and application fields:
C66700 manganese brass has excellent cold workability. It is mainly used to make brass products that need to be welded.

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