C74000 zinc Cupronickel

Product Name: c7400 zinc white copper
Product specification: bar, plate, strip, pipe, wire, forging, etc

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C7400 zinc white copper
Standard: ASTM b122-1990 (edition 1992 and 1993)
Chemical composition:
Copper + silver (Cu + Ag): 69.0 ~ 73.5
Lead (PB): 0.10
Iron (FE): 0.25
Zinc Zn: surplus
Nickel + cobalt (Ni + CO): 9.0 ~ 11.0
Manganese (MN): 0.50
Zinc white copper is a ternary alloy made of copper nickel alloy with zinc added. It is rich in silver white metallic luster, has good machinability, corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, is suitable for cold pressure processing, and has high surface finish after cutting.
Zinc white copper is widely used in manufacturing corrosion-resistant structural parts, such as various precision instruments, springs, sockets, covers of high-level electronic components, for its excellent abrasiveness, brazing and stress relaxation resistance, high strength and elasticity, good corrosion resistance, and easy electroplating, hot and cold processing and other technical properties. Zinc white copper containing a small amount of lead has good machinability and cold workability, and is widely used for making precision parts such as clocks and optical instruments. In addition, zinc white copper also has a broad market in musical instruments, tableware, glasses frames and decoration projects.

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