C75700 zinc Cupronickel

Product Name: c75700 zinc white copper
Product specification: bar, plate, strip, pipe, wire, forging, etc

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C75700 copper nickel zinc white copper
Standard: ASTM b151m-1989 and b206m-1987 (1992 and 1993)
Characteristics and applications:
C75700 zinc white copper has excellent cold workability. C75700 zinc white copper is mainly used for chain connection, camera parts, optical low-level device parts and nameplates.
Chemical composition:
Copper + silver (Cu + Ag): 63.5 ~ 66.5
Lead Pb: ≤ 0.05
Iron Fe: ≤ 0.25
Zinc Zn: surplus
Nickel + cobalt (Ni + CO): 11.0 ~ 13.0
Manganese Mn: ≤ 0.50
White copper is a copper based alloy with nickel as the main additive element. It is silver white and has metallic luster, so it is called white copper. White copper added with manganese, iron, zinc, aluminum and other elements is called complex white copper (that is, white copper with more than three elements), including iron white copper, manganese white copper, zinc white copper, aluminum white copper, etc. Copper and nickel can be infinitely dissolved with each other to form a continuous solid solution, i.e., no matter what the ratio of each other is, the constant α– single-phase alloy. When nickel is melted into red copper and the content exceeds 16%, the color of the alloy will become as white as silver. The higher the nickel content, the whiter the color. The content of nickel in white copper is generally 25%. Adding nickel to pure copper can significantly improve the strength, corrosion resistance, hardness, electrical resistance and thermoelectric property, and reduce the temperature coefficient of resistivity. Therefore, compared with other copper alloys, white copper has excellent mechanical and physical properties, good ductility, high hardness, beautiful color, corrosion resistance and deep drawing performance. It is widely used in shipbuilding, petrochemical, electrical appliances, instruments, medical devices, decorative crafts and other fields, and is also an important resistance and thermocouple alloy. Potentiometer slide, coin, token, eye frame, key, full of deep drawing performance. Liquid crystal oscillation element shell, crystal shell, medical machinery, architecture, wind instrument, etc. According to the performance characteristics and different uses, it can be divided into two types: structural white copper and electrical white copper.

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